9 Irresistible Leather Leggings Dress-Up Concepts Making Waves on Instagram

9 Irresistible Leather Leggings Dress-Up Concepts Making Waves on Instagram


There are certain style pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe. Classic white shirt? Yep. A good pair of jeans? You bet. Leather leggings? Absolutely! 


And with Instagram being a hub for style inspiration, leather leggings have been causing quite a stir on the platform lately. 


Known for their versatility, if you’re looking to freshen up your look with an edgier, stylish pair of leggings, or want to pair an oversized cozy sweater with something a little sexier than your normal pair of jeans, you’re in the right place. 


Below, we’ll be looking at the top features of leather leggings, before exploring 9 irresistible leather leggings dress-up concepts making waves on Instagram for true style inspiration. 

Why Leather Leggings Have Become an Essential Wardrobe Staple


Super-Versatile: From Cozy to Sophisticated to Edgy


Leather leggings are the chameleon of the fashion world. Whatever the occasion, they can really add that finishing touch to your outfit. 


For a laid-back look, cozy up with an oversized sweater that contrasts the sleekness of leather. Or, for a more sophisticated look, throw on a tailored blazer and heels to wow onlookers. Heading to a concert? Leather leggings are the epitome of rock chick chic. 


And that’s before we even get on to shoes! Paired with sneakers, flats or heels, there’s no other wardrobe staple that’s quite as versatile as a good pair of leather leggings. 

 Seamless Transition: From Office Elegance to Late-Night Glamor


Leather leggings can seamlessly take their wearers from day to night looks without needing to change out of them. Paired with a shirt in the office, and then swapped for a silk camisole for an evening out, they’re a great option for those who need to swap looks on the same day. 


Outfit Co-ordination: Textures and Accessorizing


The magic of leather leggings – aside from how they look – is the texture. And when pairing their sleek texture with a silky top, a cozy oversized jumper, or adding belts and statement jewelry, it really can take your outfit coordination to a whole new level. 

Comfortable and Stylish

We’ve discussed how great leather leggings look, and how they can dress up any outfit – but we need to mention just how comfortable they are. 


There’s no other staple that looks this good AND is quite as comfy – without compromising on style. 



Experimenting with the Leather Leggings Look

If you’re feeling stuck in a style rut, it’s time to experiment! 


And experimentation doesn’t need to be scary when leather leggings are acting as the base to build your outfit around. 


Consider trying different textures, different patterns and layering. Add accessories and pair with your favorite shoes – whether they’re flats, sneakers or heels. 


With a wardrobe piece as sleek, stylish and versatile as leather leggings, you can’t really get it wrong – so just opt for pieces you feel comfortable and confident in, and create your own scroll-stopping looks for Insta! 

The 9 Irresistible Leather Leggings Dress-Up Concepts Making Waves on Instagram


So just what looks are currently making waves on Instagram – and how can you try them for yourself?


  1. Ultimate Power Suit: Elevate leather leggings by pairing them with a tailored blazer, a pristine white shirt, and a pair of sleek loafers for the ultimate redefined power suit that looks great in the office, and screams sophistication. 


  1. Bold Street Style: Pair leather leggings with a graphic tee, opt for combat boots or sneakers and top it off with a bomber jacket to capture the essence of bold street style.


  1. Rock Chick Chic: Unleash your inner rockstar by combining your leather leggings with a band tee, ankle boots, and a classic fedora hat for an edgy and iconic look. 


  1. Effortlessly Bohemian: Combine leather leggings with a flowy tunic, ankle boots, and an array of layered bracelets and necklaces for that effortlessly cool boho vibe. Don’t forget your fedora! 


  1. Understated Elegance: Pair leather leggings with a sleek silk camisole, a cozy cardigan, and some pointed-toe flats for a touch of understated and refined elegance.


  1. Glam in the City: Blend leather leggings with a sequined or silk top, stiletto heels, and statement earrings to shine under the night-time city lights.


  1. Casual Comfort: Marry leather leggings with an oversized sweater, and slip into chunky sneakers to effortlessly achieve a casual yet fashion-forward ensemble.


  1. Sporty Chic: Combine leather leggings with a sporty crop top, slip into your favorite sneakers, and adorn an oversized hoodie to achieve a look that’s cozy, sporty and effortlessly chic. 


  1. Sleek Minimalism: Create a sleek minimalist look by pairing leather leggings with a timeless turtleneck, chic mules, and a long coat.


It’s Time to Experiment


In a word of fashion essentials and wardrobe staples, leather leggings have well and truly secured their place as a must-have in every woman’s closet. 


With their versatility, endless combinations, and the possibility to create your own signature style, it’s time to add leather leggings into your lookbook and experiment. Afterall, that’s exactly what fashion is all about. 

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