Try Popilush’s New Shapewear to Create a Sophisticated Daily Look!

Try Popilush’s New Shapewear to Create a Sophisticated Daily Look!

You can reinvent the pieces in your closet to amplify your personal style, develop healthy body positivity, and still feel beautiful.
Popilush has assertive clothing that makes you boost your personal confidence easily. Therefore, a shapewear bodysuit can help you create a look for a simple occasion or even elegant for an updated quiet luxury style on the go.

Which bodysuit can give me a more sophisticated look?

You should always choose your clothing items with your personal style in mind. But there are versions of bodysuits that look good on almost all body types and styles. Therefore, check which fabric can reflect sophistication in your final appearance.
A bodysuit with lace lining is very sexy, feminine and can even be worn in a formal version if combined with a long tailored blazer. You can also invest in a design with elastic fabric that imitates leather, as this trend never goes out of style and is perfect for women with a rock or dramatic urban style. Replace a pair of destroyed pants with a well-structured black version.
You can also take the opportunity to invest in pieces made in shiny, metallic or imitation denim fabric. A version with long transparent sleeves and a sweetheart neckline follows current fashion trends and even makes you more feminine. Therefore, you can achieve softer shapes in the belly area through the shapewear mesh that also defines the butt, hips and breasts.

Does one-piece built-in shapewear make me look elegant?

Yes. Because unique pieces, like a shapewear dress, work to build your look as allies. A midi version that is more fitted to the body can give you the benefits of more improved curves with a design that does the job of the classic tube dress in fashion. Invest in colors that represent fashion, power and mystery. So, black, red and gray are good examples to build your image as a powerful woman.
To look more elegant, choose lengths like midi and maxi. Avoid the mini, but if you want to wear thermal pieces that can amplify your look. Pantyhose and high heels, as well as a well-cut overlay can redefine your image.
The contouring of the belly is achieved through the shapewear mesh that defines its shape without causing resistance. The same effect is also extended to the legs, butt and hips. This way, you achieve a harmonious and attractive shape. The shapewear lines are laser cut in the area of ​​the leg openings. This detail is important, because it gives you a clean final look, without waves or visible seam lines and this makes you much more elegant.

Can I look elegant wearing a unique piece other than a dress?

Yes. You can also combine beauty and fitness through a shapewear jumpsuit. Instead of choosing a short or tight-fitting version, choose a design that can help you create a more formal look. If you still want to wear a tighter jumpsuit, balance your look with a long, heavy coat to create impact through layering.
The version with long sleeves and flare-style legs is very interesting, as it can even be used in a business environment. The V-neckline with lace details makes you more refined and attractive in just the right way. Therefore, you can also adjust your silhouette with baggy pants because they make you look longer and hide that fat in the legs and hips.
Four-way stretch fabric is soft, breathable and fashionable. You get a blemish-free tummy with the mesh incorporated into the abdomen panel. Don’t forget to choose good quality shoes and bags to seal your look with high effectiveness.

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