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Unghii sănătoase și frumoase cu produsele Artdeco de la Notino

Unghii sănătoase și frumoase cu produsele Artdeco de la Notino

În articolul de astăzi  povestesc câte ceva despre rutina mea de îngrijire a mâinilor, și cum  vă aveți unghii sănătoase și frumoase cu produsele Artdeco de la Notino.

Brandul Artdeco a fost fondat în anul 1985, cu viziunea de a crea produse inspirate din dragostea pentru frumusețe. Interesul față de noile tendințe și produsele de calitate, dar accesibile tuturor femeilor au propulsat aproape instantaneu Artdeco printre brandurile de top din Germania. Astăzi, cosmeticele Artdeco sunt apreciate în peste 78 de țări.

Notino mi-a trimis un #nailbox plin cu produse Artdeco. Dar, am o mare surpriză și pentru voi. Aceste produse le puteți câstiga și voi așa  fuguța pe contul meu de Instagram.

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Beauty News by Artdeco

Beauty of Nature
The new Beauty of Nature ARTDECO Collection carries you away to a mystical far-eastern world. Strong, dark shades call to mind the picturesque landscapes of Asia and the colorful splendor of enchanted jungle worlds. Inspired by the magic of Asian culture and the natural world, the clear, rich color tones of the new ARTDECO products match the mood of fall.

Full Mat Lip Color creates a ultimate, matte, intensive finish. The intense pigmentation of its smooth texture allows full color and coverage with only one application. Thanks to the oils and waxes contained in its light formulation, it can be applied simply and evenly. Top-quality ingredients such as Brazilian nut oil, peach extract and candelilla wax soothe the lips to silky softness. The texture dries immediately after being applied, becoming extremely matte and long-lasting. Full Mat Lip Color is available in six expressive colors: “Rose spirit” No. 15 gives the lips an intensive rosé look. “Velvet fig” No. 21 and “plum noir” No. 30 guarantee a striking look for lips in shades of violet “Saffron red” No. 38 conjures up a brown shade for the lips with just a hint of orange. “Burnt clay” No. 54 and “crimson red” No. 62 make them gleam in light to bright red.
Tip: Achieve a flawless finish with cared-for lips and a thin base layer of ARTDECO Beauty Balm Lip Base.

After the base has dried apply Full Mat Lip Color thinly and evenly.

The luxurious texture of High Performance Lipstick gives you a seductive shine and visibly more volume thanks to the active ingredient Maxi Lip™. Small lines and wrinkles are visibly smoothed. Panthenol and Vitamin E nurture the skin on the lips to a smooth softness. Four new shades perfectly reflect the fall: “Rose hip” No. 404 glows in a powerful red. “Boysen berry” No. 505 gives an intense berry shade. The dark plum tones of “deep plum” No. 509 give intense expression to the lips. The trendy brown shade of “raw cacao” No. 548 is perfect for the fall.

Soft Lip Liner waterproof outlines the curve of the lips and increases the holding power of the lipstick. The reddish tone of “Chai tea” No. 59 is reminiscent of falling leaves in the fall. “Plum wine” No. 97 highlights the lips in dark purple.

The Roll it Disc Eyeliner is THE latest idea for the perfect eye line. This liquid eyeliner is applied using a small application wheel that glides along the lash line to draw an even, precise line. The quick-drying texture has excellent color intensity and high opacity. The deep black color leaves a matte finish after it has dried. The texture of the Roll it Disc Eyeliners is smudge-proof and long-lasting and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

The silky Eyeshadows, with their high color intensity and excellent hold, can be easily and gently applied. Four new shades in natural tones catch the mood of the fall. “Pearly golden dawn” No. 23A makes the eye area shimmer with warm gold. “Pearly chocolate truffle” No. 130 gives a strong brown effect. “Green harmony” No. 261 gives emphasis to the eyes in dark green and “violet wisdom” No. 274 in a dark purple.

The Beauty Box Trio Limited Edition in glowing fall colors in a flora and fauna design with hummingbird motif is the perfect place to keep your ARTDECO eyeshadows and ARTDECO blushers as well as being practical for on the go.

The Volume Sensation Mascara Limited Edition in “black” No. 1P1 gives effective volume and overwhelming length. The natural shape of the lashes is emphasized by the soft over-sized volume brush. Pure pigments give special color intensity to the texture. Carnauba palm wax nourishes the lashes and keeps them smooth. Volume Sensation Mascara is available as a Limited Edition in flora and fauna design.

Expressive eyebrows are conjured up by the Long Lasting Brow Liner. This liquid eyebrow pen with tapered felt tip creates an individual look in a moment – from discreet to extravagant. The brows can be precisely contoured using the flat edge of the felt tip. The wide edge is perfectly suited to filing in the brows. A gentle press against the skin activates the capillary system integrated into the felt tip and the optimum amount of color is released. After it has dried the long-lasting paraben-free texture of Long Lasting Brow Liner is smudge-proof.
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Blush Couture “beauty of nature” is a perfect combination of three coordinated colors with a slightly shimmering pearl effect. By mixing the three shades the optimum color tone is achieved. The light texture is soft and gentle to apply and the intensity of the color and long-lasting quality are delightful. It contains mineral sericite, which leaves behind a pleasant feeling on the skin. The flora and fauna design on the high-quality mirrored case is embossed on the blusher. Blush Couture is paraben-, lanolin-, mineral oil- and perfume-free.
Application: Mix the colors together using the ARTDECO Blusher Brush Premium Quality and apply to the cheeks. The colors can also be used individually.