Painting Backdrop

Painting Backdrop

Welcome to Backdrop. Where we believe choosing your new backdrop should be easy and painting should be fun. Let’s be honest, painting today is pretty painful. From multiple trips to the hardware store to tiny crappy color cards; from messy sampling to expensive supplies—the paint industry is deeply outdated. Backdrop is here to change that—we’re making more than just paint. We’re transforming the whole process of painting. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to—from curating the perfect color palette to sourcing the highest quality supplies. We’ve got you covered with everything you need and nothing you don’t to get your job done right . . . whatever “right” looks like to you. After all, we think you’re the expert at choosing your life’s backdrop.

We think change shouldn’t be hidden. It should be celebrated—because life is a work in progress. And we believe filling in your own backdrop is a big part of the picture.

We can use backdrops to capture the valuable and precious moment and take very excellent photos. Unique and spectacular painting can be found in CLOT STUDIO.

Canvas backdrop

01.Dynamic production

Our turnaround time for backdrop production usually takes about 20days. If you have urgent backdrop requests, please contact us.

02.Size and price

We can do any size, but when the width and height are all more than 8 ft, we can’t roll shipping. Custom painted backdrops are specific to each client’s needs and the price is determined by the size of the backdrop.

03.Our vision

Our canvas backdrops are pure hand-painted art, with a unique style to make your photos more attractive. All of our backdrops are hand painted by experienced academic painters.

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