How to Track Your Packages from Multiple Online Stores?

How to Track Your Packages from Multiple Online Stores?

Today people spend more and more time on the internet hardly moving from their digital screens and just living life with the ease of access technology has brought. Everybody has bought something online from time to time. Because of this, customers have started relying on tracking services whether they are from the online websites directly, or the couriers own personal tracking software that generates the product’s location. 

The amount of online orders placed is increasing day by day simply because of the secure methods the internet has brought us. Thus many companies have brought about innovative ways for you to track your products. Nowadays, you can monitor multiple products from various websites and stores all from one site. 

How to track your packages

If you buy something from an online shop, probably you can track your packages solely in the built-in tracking system in the shop. Many online stores do not have that. However, as long as you got the tracking number, you can easily track your parcel anywhere anytime. The easiest way is to bookmark a global parcel tracking site and enter the tracking number into the website’s tracking box, and the website or app will do everything for you. Some websites offer the user to track their parcels from multiple shops in one place and saves your information to track it accurately. So when you buy products from various shops, this would be the quickest way no need to open sites of every carrier. Here are some of the sites for tracking your product.


  1.  Google

You might do not know, but Google is also a great way to track multiple packages in real-time. Because it is easy as copying your tracking ID into the Google search box and Google will show you the delivery service in the first link all you have to do is tap that link and your tracking service will open up. Although not strictly a tracking website, it’s still an easy way to track multiple deliveries, especially since you need to open a new tab and get the other information within a few clicks. This works best with FedEx and UPS.

2. Tracktry


Tracktry is a website like all the other ones listed above that track shipments and packages through various other logistic companies. Tracktry works with lots of different couriers to bring you real-time tracking no matter what part of the world the package is coming from. All you have to do is type in the tracking ID within the search box, and it will search it for you. The supported logistic companies with this website are DHL, UPS, SFC Service, Singapore Post, Canada Post, SwissPost, china post, YunExpress, and AliExpress.

This website is a great way to track multiple packages simply because this not only works with a lot of logistics companies but only has many ways for you to track your package. This website like nearly all other tracking websites requires you to add you’re tracking ID and then it will work its magic by monitoring in real-time and using google maps to show you where your package is at that very moment. 


 3. Bulk Tracking

This website has access to ten various courier and logistic companies and allows you to enter bulk tracking ID into the search box of the company that is shipping or transporting your package to you. The benefit of using this is that you can track your parcels from different courier companies at a time. Another significant advantage to this website is that it hosts the links to a ton of international courier tracking services in different countries so if you want to track a product coming from abroad you can easily find the relevant link to it within the website directory which is alphabetically organized. Supported couriers include DHL, FedEx, Lasership, Poșta Română or else more.



Tracking is no longer the challenging task it is considered to be. There are multiple platforms people can use to track packages, and nearly every courier service or postal service throughout the world will allow you to track your product in real-time. 

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